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Life at letswork

We thought the best way to start off the blog, is to begin to tell you about our day-to-day. The most common question we are often asked about our jobs is “so where are you guys located?”- in which to we typically respond with “we work from the letswork locations, we love being involved in the community and meeting our members”.

 Being fully engaged with your customers and immersed in the product or service you’re selling is by far one of the most important aspects of understanding your market. How can you possibly know what the demands of your consumers are, if you’re not first hand experiencing it too? For us, building relationships and putting a face(s) to the brand is essential.

 In a nutshell, everyday at letswork looks very different, we choose our ‘office for the day’ based on where we live, where are meetings are that day or where we have events later on. It is definitely exciting and spontaneous knowing that you’re not going to one fixed desk everyday, and that you’ll never know who is your next seat neighbor is- it’s always a pleasant surprise for us! At the end of the day, we embrace the ‘digital nomadic’ lifestyle we promote.

 As cliché as it may be, our team is really strong on flexibility. As a small team of three, we are all truly adaptable and happy to help out one another. We all wear a bunch of different hats. The typical start-up mindset is that of entrepreneurship, but I think many times that’s just a term management has used to frame culture in a company. For us, entrepreneurial mindset is an absolute given. Taking initiative, responsibility and encouraging leadership are a part of our everyday routine. Being part of an organization that truly stands by your values, believes in you and delegates responsibility is one where you will seek the most growth.

Darya Tajallipour

Hamza Khan