How Are Women-Only Workplaces Revolutionizing Coworking?


When you walk into Letswork’s coworking space at Icons Coffee Couture at Zabeel Ladies Club, there is a lot more to its elegant vibe than the white walls and the comfy chairs. This women’s-only shared coworking space in Dubai is quickly catching on as one of the city’s most sought after venues for women to work, meet, collaborate and network with their latest business ideas or creative workshops.

While it’s a novel concept for the people of the UAE, the trend of women-only workplaces has been on the roll for a few years now. With it’s increasing numbers across the world, Bloomberg called it a “sub-trend of the rise of coworking spaces.” But what makes these unique venues stick? Will it aid women entrepreneurs and employees to work better, knowing that they are in a space where they can get support from other like-minded women? Let us take a look at the reasons why we think women-only coworking spaces are here to stay.

Women Empower Women

While it sounds cliché, women can empower other women. And we believe in this fact through experience. Women have an innate ability to care and nurture others. Just like how mothers teach their children to get better every day, strong empowered women inspire men and women alike to be achievers in life. In a women’s-only workspace, empowerment comes naturally as mompreneurs, professionals, freelancers and corporate ladies inspire one another by setting an example in their strong suit. They not only inspire, but empower others to be the best version of themselves without being intimidating.

Foster A Community

Women-only shared coworking spaces like ours are more than just a place for women to meet up for work. It is a community that allows women to work without worries or judgement, and be more productive than ever before. Imagine the pleasure of working outside the confines of your office or home and meet others just like yourselves. This is a community work space where women can find a home away from home.

Collaboration And Networking

Another great benefit of working from a women-only shared coworking space is the immense networking opportunities that come with the place. Events and workshops that are useful and relatable for working women, where they can exchange skills, tools, ideas and career advice relevant only to them is one thing that most co-ed workplaces miss out on. It is a place where everyone can raise their voice without confusions and prejudices.

In a nutshell, women-only coworking spaces are workplaces where women can thrive and be their boss. As the first women-only coworking space in the UAE, we would like to define Letswork as an inspiring, secure and comfortable environment for women (and men) to work, learn and grow.

Hamza Khan