Borderless Workplaces: How We Turned Cafes Into Co-work Spaces


Having a great idea for a business is just not enough to succeed. You need the right help and resources to run the show. For us, this is not just a quote on the wall, but the very essence of our business.

In a country where skilled and professional individuals are looking for opportunities to work or start their venture, the one obstacle that stands in the way is the need for a workplace. While it's fairly easy to get the necessary licenses and permits to start as a freelancer, set up a team or even open a new corporate office, the lack of affordable office spaces is the biggest hassle.

But with the turn of the decade, more and more people have welcomed the idea of coworking, which paved the way to unique working environments that people can access without the need for long term commitments. What if you can find coworking spaces that are affordable, flexible and inspiring, where you can find the best amenities and the right community to kick start your work? This is where Letswork membership comes in.

Work-friendly cafes in Dubai

Yes, that’s right! Ever thought of setting up your workstation in a quaint and beautiful work-friendly cafe? These unique, borderless coworking spaces have become the new talk in the down for all the right reasons. Let's look at some of them:

  • Affordability

One of the biggest concerns most businesses, teams and freelancers have is the lack of a great workplace which does not burn a hole in their wallet. While professional office spaces in top business centres remain costly, there are numerous cafes and restaurants throughout the city that stay vacant in the mornings for a good part of the week. Understanding the gap and a distinct opportunity here, we collaborated with different cafes and restaurants to turn their facilities into temporary workspaces. The good part of this setup?- Great workplaces for you, a little extra earning for your host! 

  • Flexibility

Our network of work-friendly cafes in Dubai are spread throughout the city. This gives you the flexibility to choose any location that is either nearer to your home or your client every day. Our unique offer also allows you to start your workday in a location and end it in another one if commuting is part of your business. Why not start working from the cafe nearest to your home in Dubai and wind up your work from a restaurant in Abu Dhabi after a client meeting? Isn’t it too good to be true?

  • Inspiration

Working from a cooped up one-room office or right from your bed lacks one important thing that most professionals need daily- inspiration! Move to one of our coworking spaces, beautifully set in some of the most picturesque cafes and restaurants in Dubai. Enjoy free parking, WiFi, reserved seating and unlimited access to tea, coffee and water all-day-long while working in your instagramable coworking space. Like in any other coworking space, you can socialize and network over a cup of coffee or even a meal, right there in your work-friendly cafe. Talk about inspiration all the way through!

So, are you curious to learn more? Connect with us today to join our growing community of coworkers, and find your favourite spot at any of our coworking spaces in Dubai

Omar AlMheiri