10 Essential Business Tools To Streamline Your Startup


Are you an entrepreneur trying to make it big in this highly competitive market? If so, have you streamlined the processes yet? While streamlining your business is not a tough task, using the right business tools will certainly help ease the process. So what are the business tools that can work wonders? Are these available to any startup or SME?

At Letswork, we have a wide clientele of entrepreneurs working across different industries who have made our coworking spaces their home base for business. As they constantly strive to improve their processes with the use of software tools, we decided to ask for their opinions to shortlist the top 10 tools they rely on to run their business.

So these are our top picks:

Email Communication? Go For Spark

Spark is a great application that can integrate multiple email platforms and use a single smart inbox to automatically filter and rank your emails. This application can divide your emails into either personal, newsletters or notification tabs and thereby keep your inbox from getting crowded with junk mail, reducing the overall distractions as you get on with your daily tasks. The app comes with additional features that can help you manage your emails from anywhere at any time.

Note things down with OneNote

Microsoft’s OneNote is a great tool to take quick notes during calls and meetings. Entrepreneurs can type, draw, organize sections and pages just like using a physical notebook. Unlike traditional word processors, OneNote is fully customizable and can be used to add notes anywhere on the page and also be used to store audio and video within the application.

Squarespace For A Cool Website

For a business that is just starting out, their online presence should be affordable and easy to manage. This is why clients at our coworking space suggested the use of Squarespace, a simple website design tool that can help you set up a beautiful website in little to no time. Although it has fewer features than platforms like WordPress, it is ideal for startups looking to create a clean and simple website with great functionality. And due to its simplicity, the platform can be used and worked with by anyone and doesn’t require technical expertise.

Track Your Appointments With Calendly

There are a number of scheduling applications available in the market. But one of the easiest ones to help you track your appointments without overcomplicating them is Calendly. This application helps you to avoid email ping pongs to arrange meetings and will send people your availability using the app’s URL. This will make things easy for you as well as your team or clients to schedule meetings only during your available hours avoiding any overlap.

Meeting And Broadcasting With Zoom

For your video calls, podcasts and webinars, Zoom is the perfect partner to streamline the entire process. From encouraging interactivity to recording sessions, Zoom can be an all-around broadcasting tool for most of your business needs.

Improve Productivity With Tide

We would all agree that sitting at a desk for long hours can kill productivity. Even in a coworking space like Letswork, there will be times when you will feel a drag settle in. While there are many productivity apps available in the app stores, Tide is one of those that can help you improve your productivity with regular use. The app comes with a timer system that tracks your working hours and prompts you to take a break. With customizable features to tune it suit your work habits, Tide is more like a digital friend who knows what's good for you. The app also comes with five natural sounds to stay focused during your working hours.

Collaborate Better With Google Docs

When was the last time you used MS word to work on a document? A long time ago, right? With increased collaborations and customized accesses in workplaces, Google Docs have taken over file management completely. Documents, Excel Sheets and Presentations are now easier to create and share with your teammates, giving them the right access to use your files. You can track revisions, add comments and pretty much be in charge of anything and everything that happens with a file you created.

Smart Cloud Storage With DropBox

Although OneDrive (Google Drive) is a great cloud storage option, especially when working with Google Docs, A DropBox can be a great asset for businesses without a G Suit or Microsoft 365 Business subscription. With 2TB storage for around $12.50, it has added security settings like remote device wiping. You can share your DropBox access with your internal teams as well as clients whenever needed and revoke the settings once the collaboration is complete.

Track Your To-Dos With Trello

Unlike other to-do applications, Trello is an organizing app that seamlessly works across devices, with easy plug-ins to integrate with other applications as well. The app can log ideas, plan projects, keep track and make lists. On sharing the access across your team, Trello can act as your internal tracking tool to collaborate and manage everything that goes around in your business.

Manage Expenses With Concur

Concur is an awesome tool for tracking the money flows in your startup. From tracking expenses and reimbursements to keeping receipts, Concur offers and simplifies the process to bring everything under one roof. 

So, are you ready to give these tools a try? We leave that up to you. Structure your business processes to suit your working style, but make sure that is works across your team as well. And for your office space requirements, try our coworking spaces in Dubai with Letswork.

Omar AlMheiri