3 Essential Steps To Become A More Productive Designer


As one of the hippest and rewarding creative jobs, designers are always in the midst of new ideas and innovations. However, designing jobs can be quite draining, especially in a 9 to 5 office setup. When designers try to push their limits and work day in and day out without the right “brain food”, it will ultimately lead to low productivity and lack of inspiration and creativity in their jobs.

One reason why a lot of designers are now coming forth to work in a coworking space is due it’s vibrant and “always-on” dynamics. As one of the most recent entrants into the coworking scene in Dubai, we at Letswork see a lot of talented designers dropping into our venues for a day’s work, looking for some inspiration outside the four walls of their homes or offices.

But is  inspiration the only thing that drives productivity for a designer? Not exactly. So, we asked some of our regular clients at our coworking spaces across the city as to what they think helps boost productivity. While there where many answers, here are our 3 top picks-

Plan the day - It helps!

If you think designers are all about spontaneity, you got it wrong! Just like any other job, Like any other jobs, designers also face daily tasks and deadlines. So being spontaneous about their work is not their style of working. 

Most of the designers at our coworking spaces plan and follow a daily schedule. Although it might sound restricting for such a creative job, our designers swear by it! Scheduling the tasks according to their deadlines help them plan out their day, do research and get on with actually designing. In the long run, following a plan will also  help you deliver results with less struggle and higher quality.

Take a creative break

Designers at Letswork take their break by moving around a little bit, having a coffee, reading a book or even do some doodling. Creative breaks are just as necessary as bathroom breaks. It is a time they use to help relax and unwind themselves by moving away from the screens (yes, smartphones too!)

As most of our locations are conveniently situated inside some of the most Instagrammable work-friendly cafes and restaurants, our clients are also able to find some inspiration at every corner they turn to. Talk about increased added perks!

Real conversations with real people

One of the best parts about coworking spaces in Dubai is the community that you are surrounded by. You get to meet and mingle with professionals like yourself, getting a chance to make connections and even do some collaborative work. Our designers say that having real-time conversations with others has always helped them gain newer and better perspective on things.

In a nutshell, designers require 3 things for better productivity - a great plan, a creative break, and collaborative space. What better place for all of these than a coworking space in Dubai! Join us at Letswork for a productive coworking experience.

Omar AlMheiri