How To Inspire Yourself And Others To Be Creative


Creativity cannot be forced - plain and simple. Whether you are a manager trying to inspire your team to be more creative or an individual trying to think of  “creative ideas”, know that it has to come naturally.

At Letswork, we see many successful teams where the team has mastered ways to stay creative. Although we feel that being in a coworking office space and working in its dynamic community can help improve your team’s creative output, here are some proven methods to get great results.

Guide your team towards things that interest them

Every individual is different and has different skill sets that add to your team’s creative growth. As a manager, you must identify these skills and assign tasks according to your employee’s intrinsic interests. Guide each member of your team to realize their full capability by allowing them to put more time and effort on job profiles they are good at. While managing can be a full time job, make some time to perform tasks that you also enjoy. When you work along with your team, it is an added encouragement for them as well.

Set the goal, but don’t choose the path

Micromanagement has never helped any work environment progress creatively. For any team to work efficiently, it is important to define the goal. Once the goal is conveyed to the team, managers must give their team enough space to think, plan and execute steps that can yield results. Monitoring the path, instructing the team to follow set rules and making changes at every turn will not only discourage your team from growing creatively but will also reduce the quality of work. When you trust your team to put their best foot forward in everything they do, it also frees up your time to concentrate on new ideas. 

Provide sufficient resources

In any workplace, two of the most important resources people are looking for is time and money. Studies show that while time and money are both extrinsic factors that inspire employees to work better, money is often the lesser motivation. If you are providing your teammates with enough time and space to implement their creative ideas,and take initiative on their new ideas. People work to get a sense of achievement just as much as they do to get paid. Creative growth is more of a personal need that each and everyone strives to achieve if given the right environment. 

Ensure team diversity

Unlike homogenous teams where everyone has the same level of expertise and skill set, a diverse team can put different perspectives on the table. While experience and abilities matter, there is only so much a team of like-minded individuals can bring to the table. To inspire creativity, ensure that your team has individuals with dissimilar thought processes yet are able to work together in synergy.

Organizational level support

Whether you work in an office or from a coworking office space in Dubai, organizational level support is very necessary to maintain a high level of enthusiasm. People have a natural tendency to follow leaders who lead by example. So if you want to inspire creativity in your team, convey and discuss your ideas with them. Support and constant encouragement from the manager will motivate the team to be better and continue to excel.

In a nutshell, to inspire your team to be creative, get creative with the way you lead. And if you are looking for a great place to work with your team, join us at any of our coworking spaces spaces in Dubai.

Hamza Khan