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Beginners Guide to Canva

Say "Hello" to Canva!

My go-to site and app for creating anything and everything for your design based needs. My logo is a an affordable Canva baby and I whipped it up fairly quickly and easily after watching so many youtube tutorials and using Canva for over 5 years. Not everyone has that sort of time, you've got things to do, places to go, people to see and that is exactly why this workshop was created.

This workshop is designed to MINIMIZE your time spent learning Canva and MAXIMIZE your time spent creating and building so that you have everything ready to rock and roll.

What will you take from this class;

- The basic knowlege and skill set to navigate the platform

- 5 basic rules of graphic design (and more!)

- How to use royalty free images and content correctly and legally

- How to create a recognizable signature style

- Templates for Instagram stories, Instagram grid posts, Facebook posts, Eventbrite cover images, invites, and emailers

- How to download the images, the different file formats available, and what each one means.

- This class is interactive and requires each attendee to bring their own laptop with wifi/internet connection and fully charged battery.

- Not only will you have a great opportunity to increase your skill set but our workshops are also two-fold and you'll have the chance to meet and network with fellow women in business and enjoy a healthy buffet breakfast. Letswork members can use the code “LETSWORK25” for 25% off the event fees!