Instant License

Instant License

The Instant License initiative from the Department of Economic Development is a service whereby businesses can secure their commercial license in one-step within five minutes without having a company‚Äôs lease or location for the first year only. 


Without Trade Name Registration

Without Legal Contract

Without Rent Contract
You can use letswork!


All business activities can benefit from the service, except public and private shareholding companies, through the various outsourced service centres in Dubai, and the Happiness and Smart Lounges 24x7. Holders of general trade licences can only use electronic services. All business partners or one of them must be present while applying through the outsourced service centres or the happiness lounges and must provide a valid passport copy to all parties (partner and manager), residence visa copy and non-objection letter from the sponsor to the foreign parties. 

Apply through ded.ae/instant


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