Our Story

It All Started when…

Omar and Hamza met at the E25 start-up program by EMAAR for aspiring entrepreneurs under the age of 25. Realizing that (a) office space in Dubai was too expensive for SMEs; and (b) hotels and restaurants were sitting empty during the day, Letswork was born to solve both problems with one innovative solution. Instead of investing $$$ to become another mega real estate player, why not activate under-utilized assets to create a network of spaces for people to work, meet and innovate?


Omar was born in Abu Dhabi before going on to study Electrical Engineering at Northeastern University, Boston. He joined the E25 program immediately after college and began playing around with a bunch of ideas (from 3D printing to retail incubators) before deciding to have a go at disrupting the global co-working industry.

Hamza ✈️

Hamza grew up in Dubai before moving to London to study law at LSE. He worked as a corporate lawyer but always knew building businesses was his true calling. He joined E25 with the hope to creating the Middle East’s largest urban farm until Omar needed help with drafting legal documents for Letswork… the rest is history!

The Team


DARYA 😂 - Operations EXEC

Darya joined the team in August 2018 as an intern after graduating from Suffolk University Boston with a degree in Business Management and Communications. After her internship finished, she joined a global corporation to gain more experience but quit 4 days later because she missed Letswork so much and became the company’s first employee.


Sarah is the heart and soul behind Letswork’s look and feel. She joined the team after an illustrious career in design in Dubai and Karachi. Graphics, fashion, interiors - she’s done it all.

Thomas 📸 - intern

Thomas is the team singer. He regularly breaks out into song at unexpected moments. Beware.