We are here to answer all your concerns.

The basics

What is Letswork?

Letswork is an app that connects users with workspaces across the UAE via a single membership. Our members get to work from hotels, cafes, co-working spaces and other unique venues and enjoy a host of perks at each venue!

Can’t I just go work from your partner hotels and cafes directly?

You could, but you’d be paying an arm and a leg! Our affordable memberships include perks like unlimited tea, coffee, water, and WiFi, 20% off food, free parking, meeting room access, and more.

Do I need a trade license to work from your spaces?

Nope! All we need is your name, number, and email!

Do you provide Ejari for business license registration?

Unfortunately, we do not provide permanent addresses for Ejari as of right now. However, you are free to work from any of our workspaces no matter where you are registered.

The Membership

Where are your venues?

Please visit our locations page for our most updated locations.

How do I become a member?

It’s super simple! All you need to do is download our mobile app ‘Letswork’ available on iOS App Store and Google Play Store, register as a user, purchase a package, choose a location you want to work from, check in and you’re all set! 📲

When does my membership activate?

You can start enjoying your benefits immediately after purchase! All you need to do is purchase a package on our app, go to a location and you’re all set!

Can I bring food in from outside?

Our hotel and cafe partners do not allow food from outside, although you do get 20% off their menu with Letswork membership! Certain other locations do (e.g. co-working spaces that don’t serve their own food), do allow food from outside. Please check the info section of these locations to confirm.

Can I share a membership with my friend?

No, each membership package is personal to you. Upon checking in at a location, the venue staff will check your name on their side of the app to ensure you are an active member. If you’d like to bring your friends, you can refer them via the Letswork app under the ‘Discounts’ tab. This will give them a 25% discount on their package, and you’ll get credit towards your next package too!

Meeting Rooms

I need a private meeting room - do you offer these?

We do indeed! Many of our members have private meeting rooms which can be booked via our app either for free or at a charge.

What are meeting room credits?

If you’re a monthly member at Letswork, you can get 1 hour of free meeting room usage per month (respectively) at the Rove Hotels. Your meeting room credits will be automatically assigned to you when you purchase your membership. Remember, you will NOT get any meeting room credits if you purchase your membership using discount codes.

Does my membership give me access to meeting rooms?

Meeting rooms are not included in your membership, you will need to pay separately, rates differ between meeting rooms! Check our app or click here for more information.

Private Offices

How do I rent a private office?

To rent a private office, all you have to do is visit the book section on the Letswork app or click here to book through our website.

Does my membership give me access to private offices?

Private offices are not included in your membership, you will need to pay separately, rates differ between private offices! Check our app for more information or click here for more information.