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Frequently Asked Questions


Who is letswork for?

letswork is targeted at freelancers, entrepreneurs, SMEs who’ve run out of space, people on the move, contractors, bloggers, influencers, students, teams working together, creatives, thinkers, nomads, free spirits… basically anyone looking for inspiring places to work and meet instead of your typical office space.

Do I have to buy something to work at a letswork location?

No. letswork membership includes unlimited tea, coffee and water for members at all locations. If you’re feeling hungry, you can always buy items from each restaurant’s menu and avail the exclusive discounts available to letswork members.

Can I bring my friends?

Sure! You are free to bring your friends or colleagues to letswork locations, however if they are not letswork members, they would have to pay for their F&B consumption separately. They can of course sign up for a letswork package on the spot too to enjoy the same benefits as you :)

What happens outside of the letswork operation hours?

Most of our venue partners are still open either before or after letswork's operational hours there. You are free to stay however long you like (subject to the restaurant's consent) but your letswork perks are only available during the specific letswork hours at each venue. 

What is the noise-level like in your locations?

At letswork, ambiance is key. We partner with restaurants that are either closed or are off-peak during letswork operational hours to ensure that our spaces are relaxed, bright and productive environments for our users.

I’m a restaurant owner and I want restaurant to become a letswork venue. Are you interested?

Yes! Please get in touch so we can discuss and get the ball rolling.


What makes letswork different?

letswork is unique because it combines the benefits of all the different types of workspaces available around Dubai into one affordable and flexible package.

How do I book meeting rooms?

Please fill out this form and we’ll send you and email with further details.


Where do I pick up my U By Emaar card?

We’ll email you to let you know your card is ready, you can tell us what your preferred location is for pick-up. Once the card’s been dropped off you can pick it up from any of our 16 locations.

What is my username and/or password?

At letswork, we insist on a seamless experience. All you need is your phone number and once you’ve signed in on the iPad at the locations, you’re all set!

What if I forgot to sign out and I’ve left?

If you’re done for the day, no worries, the system will automatically sign out all members at 12am. If you’ve left 1 location and want to sign in at another, just drop us an email at and we’ll sign you out.

Can I pay with cash at a venue?

Unfortunately, we don’t accept cash payments. All payments must be made through our website portal by card.

Can I pay with an international card?

At the moment, we’re not accepting international cards. Hang tight, we’re working on it and will add it as a feature soon.