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Access thousands of workspaces through the Letswork platform, reduce your overheads and give your team the flexibilty to do their best work.

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Letswork Pass

The Letswork Pass

A single membership to work from 100+ cafés, hotels and coworking spaces across the country.

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Booking Platform

Booking Platform

Instantly book meeting rooms, private offices & creative spaces by the hour or day. No contracts or inquiry forms.

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Remote working made simple.

Why work from your home or office when you can work from wherever you want! Access 100+ co-working spaces, hotels, work-friendly cafés across the UAE 🇦🇪 and Bahrain🇧🇭 with a single membership.

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Whether you’re a team of 3 or part of a corporate, manage your hybrid or fully remote team with Letswork.


Your team has the flexibility of choosing from a network of over 100+ workspaces across the country .

Reduce Overhead

Even if you’re new to the city and do not want to commit to an office or you’re trying to reduce your team’s overhead costs, Letswork can be your flexible and affordable alternative. Explore hundreds of shared workspaces through our membership packages and pair it with bespoke meeting room credits to utilize maximum flexibilty.

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Utilization based pricing.

You will only pay for what you use. Forget long term leases, just pay as you go.

Designed to fit your evolving business needs in an ever-changing world, set up based on your seasonal needs. Time’s on your side.

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Remote working is the future


Ninety percent if the companies expect to remote work even after the pandemic.



Eight eight percent of employees feel productive has improved being able to work remotely.



Nearly 90% of the Fortune “100 Best Companies” allow employees to telecommute or work remotely at least 20% of the time.. Source



95% of employers say remote work has a high impact on employee retention, and 36% of employees would choose it over a pay raise.


Discover some of our top rated spaces...

Indigo Downtown

Meeting room

Unbox Coworking

Private Offices

Secret Graeden

Creative Space type

Jones Social


Discover some of our top
rated spaces...

We only work with the best hospitality and coworking brands

What our members have to say...

“I really love the variety of locations offered and the staff at these locations have been welcoming and friendly!”

There are plenty of venues that are great for working independently as well. When I am working, I need peace & quiet and there's a lot of selection of spaces that fit that. Overall, it’s been a good experience and I appreciate the flexibility in packages offered.

Shivang Agarwal

Sales & Marketing at Thermo Fisher Scientific

“I’ve been using Letswork for a really long time and I love it!”

I’ve been using Letswork for a really long time, and I love it. it’s the perfect tool for me to have meetings all over the city - it really offers the flexibility and convenience I need.

Ingrid Pagonis

Brand Strategy Consultant at YOU

“Letswork offers an amazing opportunity for those who don’t have (or need) an own or fixed office.”

You can work from a lot of spots in Dubai/UAE (hotels but also real co-working office spaces). New venues are added on a monthly or sometimes even weekly basis. The rate for the packages is amazingly affordable for the return you get and their service is very friendly and professional if you require help. One of the best apps on my phone, I’m still happy I got to know it!

Christophe Moons

Founder & CEO, Moons Media Group FZE

“I love the flexibility of choosing the location and package that suits my personal and business needs.”

You have a wide choice of locations across the UAE and packages that can be as flexible as daily to monthly and yearly with the option to use the packages within a time frame. The team and the app is quite helpful and responsive. Highly recommend it especially in these times when you want to work from home and yet not really at home.

Mita Srinivasan

PR & Comms, Market Buzz International

“The office work became so much fun and exciting after I started using Letswork Co-working space.”

Letswork allowed me to make choices of my work place based on my client locations. I could utilize my time before or after the meeting in any of the co-working space and have fun too. Thanks Letswork for giving me opportunity to live my life the way I want to live :)

Priya Sarvepalli


“Working from co-working spaces has never been more convenient! ”

I just got a Flexi membership, and was amazed by the amazing cafes at Letswork, and the perks included when you check in, including the unlimited free coffee, makes working so much more fun!

Nawfa Nurie


“Perfect for Digital and City Nomads because it provides locations that caters for remote working or for both professional and casual meetings.”

I love in particular discovering new Letswork places through the mobile app and just checking in for a quick rest and refreshing drink before I decide to go about my day, else I commit myself to working in a specific spot where i can focus and be surrounded with other like minded cafe working people.

Howard Mijares


“If you're looking for a hassle free, convenient and adaptable environment to work from in the UAE, Letswork is your go to solution.”

I've been using their services and locations for almost a year now (they've been safe and reliable to use even in the middle of a pandemic!). Your vibe and mood for the day can help you decide your workspace for the day, and that's really just the best part of what they offer - a new office every other day! A responsive, understanding customer service team too!

Noopur Pal

Client Services, Business Growth at Sirf Coffee
letswork community

Join the largest remote-working community in the region.

Remote working can get lonely, so at Letswork, we take community very seriously. From networking events and workshops to exclusive perks, we offer a variety of value-added services to make your membership worthwhile.

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