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Most asked questions

Frequently asked questions

Where can I use my credits?

Short answer, hundreds of places. Click here to explore hundreds of workspace cafes, hotels and coworking spaces.

What is the benefit of using Letswork?

With Letswork, you get benefits like unlimited tea, coffee, water, discounts on food, access to various community perks and events.

Not only can you save more with a Letswork plan, you have the flexibility to use your credits where and how you want to.

Where are your locations?

We’ve partnered with hundreds of cafes, hotels and coworking spaces across UAE, Bahrain, Spain, Portugal & Saudi Arabia.

Click here to explore our locations.

How do I know how many credits I need to work from each location?

After signing up on our mobile app or visiting our locations page on the website, you’ll be able to see the credit price for a location, which varies by things like popularity, quality of service, the number seats available, ratings.

What if I run out of credits?

Good news, you can always add more! Just go to the “Add credits” tab in the app to purchase more.

Do I need to reserve in advance before I show up to the location?

No - All you have to do is check-in once you’re at the location. Your credits will automatically be deducted then.

What do I get in my free trial?

You get 10 credits (worth AED 50) to use at any of our coworking locations on the Letswork app. These credits are valid for 7 days and cannot be rolled over. After your free trial, we will automatically renew you into our 25 credit plan which can be changed anytime.

If you do not want to be auto renewed, all you have to do is cancel your plan before the 7 day period.

Do my credits rollover?

Yes they do. The 50% credit rollover policy is a benefit for Letswork members who renew their membership every month. It allows you to roll over 50% of your unused credits to the next month, so you never lose the value you’ve paid for.

Let’s say you have a membership plan that gives you 200 credits per month, but you only use 100 credits in a given month. With the 50% credit rollover policy, 50 of your unused credits (50% of 100) will automatically roll over to the next month. You’ll start the next month with 250 credits. (50 rolled over credits and 200 credits from your new month subscription)

It’s also important to note that only credits on a subscription can be rolled over. Pay-as-you-go credits or any other promotional credits cannot be rolled over.

Once a subscription expires, a user can renew their plan within a period of 3 days from the date of expiry within which their previous unused credits will be rolled over.

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