Tania's Teahouse


Tania’s Teahouse

Timings: Sun-Thur 9AM-10PM

Parking: Complimentary parking.

Location: 779A Jumeria Rd - Dubai

Tania’s Teahouse® has been labelled Dubai’s most “insta-worthy” cafe. The two-story villa is warm and welcoming, serving a wide range of over 30 specialty flavoured teas, coffees, healthy meals & decadent desserts. Located on Jumeirah Beach Road near the stately Burj Al Arab, the café attracts everyone from quintessential Jumeirah Janes meeting for a spot of gossip before collecting their young ones from school, to social-media-savvy millennials seeking Instagram’s latest food trends. With its stylish interiors, featuring elegant rose-gold accents and minimalist marble touches, Tania’s Teahouse® is an optimal venue for freelance creatives working remotely, casual catch-ups, family brunches, celebratory occasions like bridal baby showers, and birthdays.

*All drinks are available except Saffron Late, Spanish Latte and Macha Latte's.